Add Smartform to Service Call or Activity


Smartforms can be added to service calls and activities directly from the Planning and Dispatching application.

Smartforms are created and managed in the Smartforms and Feedback application.


In order to attach a checklist to a service call or activity, the following conditions must be met:

  • The smartform template must exist in the Smartforms and Feedback app.
  • The smartform template must have released status.

For more information, please refer to the following guide.

Functional Overview

Add Checklist to Service Call or Activity

A checklist can be added to a service call or activity by completing the following:

  1. Select the service call or activity.
  2. In the Details section displayed to the right of the Planning Board, you will see a Checklist option.
  3. Click the + icon beside the Checklists entry in the Details pane.
  4. The application will then display the Add Smartform dialog: Here, you can choose a checklist (smartform template) from the following:
    • All: displays all smartform templates available for the company with released status.
    • Category: if a category has been assigned to smartform templates, you can select the category as a filter.
    • Favorites: if the smartform template has been starred (i.e. the star icon has been selected), it will appear here.
  5. After selecting a checklist, the application will display the following information:
    • Template Name: The name of the smartform template.
    • Template Description: If applicable, a description of the smartform template.
    • Created by: The name of the user responsible for creating the smartform template.
    • Version: If applicable, the smartform template version.
    • Remarks: Any remarks to be added to the smartform instance. This is displayed in the Details pane.
    • Mandatory: When enabled, completing the smartform will be required to be able to close the activity.

      Note: as mentioned previously, by clicking the star icon, the smartform template will be added to the favorites tab.

  6. When you have verified the smartform template information, click the ADD button. The smartform template will now be assigned to the service call or activity and will be displayed in the Details pane:

Checklist Status

The following colors indicate the following checklist completion statuses:

Color Status
Blue Open
Grey Closed