Service Calls

Attention: SAP Field Service Management documentation is now available at the SAP Help Portal. On 31 December 2020, docs.coresystems will no longer be available. Until that time, documentation will NOT be updated in docs.coresystems.

In a Nutshell

The Service Calls tab of the Planning & Dispatching app is used to view and manage service call records. It is here where service calls that have been completed can be marked as Technically Complete, thereby enabling customer invoicing to occur.

Additionally, you can also manually create new service calls from this tab, and then assign and release them on the Planning Board.


Predefined Service Call Statuses in FSM

The following predefined statuses apply to service calls:

Status Description
Ready to Plan The predefined status Ready to Plan indicates that linked activities are visible in the planning list below the Planning Board and can be assigned and released to technicians. Technicians can then start and complete work on linked activities.
Finished The predefined status Finished indicates that all linked activities have been completed and checked out, e.g. activity status is closed. }
Note: This status is internal logic for the filter in the list of service calls. The actual service call status stays the same as the status mapped to predefined status Ready to Plan.
Technically completed The predefined status Technically completed indicates the service call is technically completed by the technicians. This status is set from the action in the service call list based on the filter for Finished Service Calls.
Cancelled The predefined status Cancelled indicates that the service call was cancelled and can no longer be planned or executed.
T&M Journal locked The predefined status T&M Journal locked indicates that efforts, material, mileages and/or expenses reported on any activity linked to the service call can no longer be modified in the Time & Material Journal.

Status Mapping

In the Planning and Dispatching General Settings screen, users can map the predefined status to the coinciding Service Call status used (usually defined by the ERP and stored in the ServiceCallStatus DTO).

Setting Description
Ready to Plan Dropdown. Select the service call status you wish to associate with the READY to PLAN predefined status in Field Service Management.
Technically Complete Dropdown. Select the service call status you wish to associate with the CLOSED predefined status in Field Service Management.
Cancelled Dropdown. Select the service call status you wish to associate with the CANCELLED predefined status in Field Service Management.
T&M Journal Locked Dropdown. Select the service call status you wish to associate with the T&M JOURNAL LOCKED predefined status in Field Service Management.


In the Service Calls screen you can can add more filters and then save the filter in order to apply it at a later time. These saved filters can then be accessed from the Select View dropdown list.

Filter Types

The following filter types can be used when filtering service call records. One or more filters can be used to create a composite filter which can then be saved and used as needed.

Filter Type Description
Customer The customer associated with the service call.
Origin The origin of the service call (example: email, phone call, project plan, sales quotation, etc.)
Responsible The technician assigned to the service call.
Code The unique code associated with the service call.
FSM Status The current status of the service call (example: finished, technically complete).
Priority The priority level of the service call (LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH).
Problem Type The problem type associated with the service call (example: parts old).
Subject The subject of the service call.
Territory The territory in which the service call is located.
Type The type or category of the service call (example: Inspection, Planned Maintenance).


Changing Status to Technically Complete

When all time and material entries have been approved and any/all activities related to a service call have been completed, the service call can be marked as “Technically Complete” in the Service Calls tab.

The Service Call status “Technically Complete” indicates the following:

  • All activities related to the service call have been CLOSED.
  • The service call has a FINISHED status.
  • The information entered by the technician (mileage, time, effort, equipment, etc.) is now ready for validation and acceptance.

In order to change the service call status from FINISHED to TECHNICALLY COMPLETE, you must complete the following steps:

1.) From the Service Calls tab, select the FINISHED option from the filters list. Only service calls with this status can be marked as “Technically Complete”.

2.) Select the finished service calls you would like to mark as TECHNICALLY COMPLETE.

3.) After selecting the service calls the application will display a Technically Complete button in the blue pane above. Click this button and the status of the selected record/s will be changed to TECHNICALLY COMPLETE.